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The Mechanics of a Cockfight and how it is scored

A cockfight is chiefly governed by the following three rules: that no gum, drugs, or other foreign substance can be applied to the birds; that no operation on the body is allowed except mutilation of the spurs; and that there can be no secrecy in preparation.

Cockfights usually take place in what is called a cockpit. The floor of the cockpit is pitched at an angle so that blood flows readily into a surrounding gutter. The walls are padded to prevent the birds from being injured by flying into them. So, watch cockfights at s888.

Usually, there is only one main entrance and sometimes windows along the sides for people to view the fight. There can be as many as several hundred seats in a large cockpit.

Bets are usually placed before the fight begins. The amount bet depends on how well matched the birds are and on whether one bird is favored over the other.

After the bets have been placed, each bird is weighed and inspected for concealed weapons or drugs. The handlers then take their birds to opposite corners of the cockpit, where they sit on stools until it is time for the fight to begin.

The referee gives a signal, and the handlers release their birds, which fly at each other with great force, striking at each other with their spurs in an effort to wound and kill. The fight continues until one bird is too badly wounded to continue or one bird’s handler surrenders or withdraws it from the contest.

End Note:

Cockfights are cruel bloodsports in which two birds rip each other to shreds with sharp spurs on their feet. Although it may seem like senseless violence, there are actually quite a few rules that govern cockfights. Most importantly, bets are usually placed before the fight begins, making cockfighting a popular gambling activity.

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