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The online casinos VS casino houses

The young people of the present era hear about the famed American city of La Vegas which is the centre of the casino houses. But they do not have the idea how the games of the casino used to be played in these brick and mortar houses. This is because they are born in the age of internet with online facilities abound for playing the enchanting casino games. Like in all the fields of scientific development in which the old concepts get buried under the thirst of the newer inventions, the brick and mortar casino houses also are facing this inevitable fate after the unique invention of playing the casino games through the online modes at Supertotobet The way those stone-age implements got swayed away with the invention of better and stronger metals the brick and mortar casino houses are also waiting for their inevitable fate. But it is also true that each has its own advantages and uniqueness.

The merits of physical casino houses

  • The physical casino houses were the meeting place for the social gatherings too in addition to the games of the gambling. So these had a societal value.
  • The seasoned and experienced players of the games of gambling consider playing the games at the casino houses as the true casino playing. The players can look at the faces of their fellow players and apprehend their position before giving their play. So this way of playing the games of chances is the real method of playing. They consider the present online mode as vulgar and spoiling the spirit of the gambling games.

The demerits of casino houses

  • The casino houses are located at famous tourist places away from the places of most of the players. So the players have to move to the places where the casino houses are located.
  • The casino houses are houses in star hotels and hence are quite costly. So only the moneyed people have the ability to play the games of casino.
  • The casino houses are often the places where the muscle men and frauds assemble. So there is lack of safety and fear of fraud at every step. So the simple people fear to tread at such casino houses.
  • There are no offers of promotional schemes such as bonus, no deposit offers etc in such physical casinos as due to less number of casino houses there are not much competition among the casino house owners.
  • The players have to handle the money in cash which is quite unsafe.

The merits and demerits of online casino


  • The adventurous games of chances can be played at any time of the day sitting right in the comfort of your home. You need not to move to distant places for playing the games.
  • There is no requirement of handling cash as the transaction is done online and the online casino houses offer various payment modes. You can select the payment mode which is most suitable for you.
  • Since you are located at your home there is no chance of any fraud transaction or theft or physical damages.
  • The online casino houses offer numbers of promotional schemes that are aimed at the players of all the categories. So every player gets motivation to play the games of chances online availing the various types of bonus schemes.
  • It is possible to select your casino houses online by doing simple online research and reading the views of the experts in the field of casino games.
  • The modern casino houses like Supertotobet offer various technologically upgraded provisions such as chat room, high quality sound system, cool video and many more for the benefit of the modern generation players. The chat room enables the players to keep in touch with their fellow players from different corners of the world.


  • The social benefit of the brick and mortar casino houses is lost with the onslaught of the online casinos as the players now play from their homes.
  • You have to have an internet connection at your home for playing the games of chances.
  • Your family members may not like playing the games of gambling in front of the others.

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